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The Adventures of DebloCat

Feline Rendezvous

Copyright 2017 Nicolas Nistor

Published by Nicolas Nistor

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Part 1

As Deblocat was cleaning up his workshop, the phone rang loudly, disturbing the still silence of the night. “Who’s this?”, asked Deblocat with a big grin on his face. “It’s the Marten Brothers… You see, our drummer locked the keys inside our van and we can’t get our stuff out. We should be on stage right now, getting ready for the show! I heard that you, Deblocat, the Master Lockpicker, could be of assistance.”, said the hairy marten calmly. The response was as expected, “I’ll be there in no time!”.

Five minutes had passed and the Marten Brothers were still sitting on the sidewalk in front of Led Crock Cafe, where the gig was about to take place, one staring blankly at the moon, the other drawing circles with his foot, another one scratching his dense, wild beard and the last one strolling around the band’s van. Deblocat appeared out of nowhere riding a smoke grey motorcycle with yellow lightning motives, pulled right behind the corner and ran to the van, toolbox in hand. After jiggling his lockpick through the keyhole, the car’s backdoor opened miraculously. “Wow! That’s stunning! Here, take this VIP pass, so you can see our live show tonight.”, said the hairy marten while handing DC a tag.

The band members gathered their equipment: guitars, basses, drums and Doctor Amore reached for his Pinky Senorita, carrying her on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. As they entered the Led Crock Café, Deblocat stopped to say a brief “Hello” to his friend, Mr. Yak, who was on duty at the pub’s entrance. They were both delighted to meet again. “Have a great time in there, DebloCat!”, said the yak.

“Let’s go inside this locker room”, whispered Pinky Senorita into Doctor Amore’s ear, smiling delicately, as they were advancing through the hallway.

Katinka was waiting impatient for the concert to start, ready to have a good time, but soon the Beasties were about to crash the party…“Hey, sweetheart! Wanna dance?”, said Beary, grabbing a hold on her. It was the biggest mistake he had ever made. “OK, we can dance!” said Katinka in a low voice, clenching her teeth. “We can start with a little samba!”, yelled while striking her elbow through Beary’s chest, “…and some cha cha cha”, while smashing Rino’s jaw with her bare paw. After finishing them off and leaving them pilled one upon another, Kati let out a low grunt, “Anyone else feeling like trying a polka or a waltz?”. The show went on… The Marten Brothers band were alive and kicking rock riffs in every direction, spreading beams of pure energy. The last solo electrified the fans! They were delirious, tasting every musical note. The last few chords caused a massive explosion, blowing up windows everywhere.


A few days have passed and DebloCat was out checking new, fancy jewels at one of his favorite stores, the Chic-Chic Bijou. He got his eyes on a huge five karat diamond shinier than the North Star, and heavier than a thousand stars combined.

Moments later, the entrance bell rang loudly and the door opened slowly to reveal a gracious being walking in, softer than angels on clouds, with wavy, dark hair , deep blue eyes fixing DebloCat for a moment, leaving him breathless, empty-minded… It was almost like they were meant to see each other again after that crazy night at Led Crock Café, although they didn’t plan it. They attracted one another, even if they didn’t know it. Their souls had a FELINE RENDEZVOUS and they were about to see each other again…

Part 2

DebloCat was roaming the lonely city streets in the middle of the night like every tomcat does from time to time. It was a pleasant sensation feeling the chilly wind, smelling the wet pavement, listening to the sweet music of other cats… but he was not the only one fond of late night walks. Someone else was busy taking a stroll near the National Museum…

“Is anyone else in here? Besides me, of course…” yelled DebloCat while investigating the museum grounds.

Katinka grabbed NEFERKITTY’s pendant and took off without second thoughts.

“It’s you…” said Katinka in a low voice.

But the adventure was just about to begin and they both knew it, because it was a FELINE RENDEZVOUS.


About the Author

Nicolas Nistor is a renowned lock-picker and locksmith in Oradea, Romania. In 2015, he and Antim Marius, a talented illustrator, started a comic book about a cat with special skills, named DebloCat, which is Romanian for “unlocked”.

Now, that the we’ve made our first steps together, feel free to follow this intriguing hero in his adventures!


E-mail: ncnistor@yahoo.co.uk

Facebook: DebloCat

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Part 1


Part 2

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