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Monty's Boots

Barry Freeman


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Monty's Boots

A Surprise Trip to London

Like most spiders, Clive enjoyed living inside boots; football boots, flying boots, climbing boots, even Wellington boots.

They all made very comfortable homes for spiders; but just now he was living in a pair of old army boots that were hanging on the wall in Albert Spindler's wash-house.

Even though they were covered in mildew and had a large hole in the sole Clive considered them to be the best boots he'd ever lived in, particularly as the cotton wool stuffed in the toe made a comfortable bed, while the laces came in very handy for Clive to climb up to his web. He was a happy and contented spider and spent the long summer days reading comics or just watching the dust particles dancing in the sunshine as it shone through the holes in the wash-house roof. There were plenty of bluebottles to eat and hardly a day passed without a friend popping down from the rafters for a chat. In fact, apart from Albert Spindler’s horrible whistling, he had nothing to complain about at all.

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