Excerpt for Suky and the Wild Brumbies. by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

Copyright 2017 Sue Muldowney

Smashwords Edition , License Notes

Wild brumbies roam the high country and have done for many years. Unicorns are shy creatures that prefer not to be seen, so they often run with them.

One moonlit night riders chasing brumbies nearly ran into them. Watching high above in a tree was Suky, a sugarglider. Sugargliders are also shy and are very good at not being seen.

Suky waited for the riders to go. She glided down chasing a juicy moth. The tree that she thought she had landed on wasn’t a tree. It was a very dirty unicorn.

It started to rain. The dirt began to wash away. Suky was holding on to a very nervous, very lost unicorn. He told Suky that he rolled in the mud so he wouldn’t be seen. Suky was very impressed.

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