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The Beauitiful Story Series

Timi and the Bluehouse

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Timi looked forward to his school’s inter-house sports. He’s in blue house. He wanted to be one of the representatives of blue house in the games.

During the practice sessions, he joined his colleagues to prepare for the games. As the date for the games drew nearer, Timi found out that he was not among those selected to represent blue house. Only the best have been selected. He was not happy because he wanted to be in the team and win medals for blue house. He sat at the corner of his classroom and cried bitterly.

There were going to be field as well as track events. The field events were high jump, long jump and triple jump; while the track events were going to be 50 meters, 100 meters and 4*100 meters race. Every team wanted to carry the day.

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