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Sonu’s Adventures 2
Billions in my Heart!

Story & Illustrations by

Hemdiva Dev

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 Hemdiva Dev

This book or any portion thereof

may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever

without the express written permission of the author

except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 9781370794911


To Ganpati Bappa and

My most valuable gift ever, My Mom Hem.

To all the money in my life!


I would love to thank God and my dearest Mom for inspiring, encouraging and supporting me always.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you Smashwords for such a great opportunity!

Thank you Nanowrimo!

Special thanks to my laptop, scanner, internet, papers & colours, writing space and my chair.

Last but not the least, thank you Rhonda Byrne and ‘The Secret’.

To all the money I ever have!

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