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Un regalo para mamá - Segunda Edición by Patricia González Un regalo para mamá - Segunda Edición by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.95 1189 words
Una hermosa historia donde una pequeña niña recurre a su imaginación para lograr hacerle a su mamá un regalo maravilloso.
Sebastian and the Sewer Serpent by Mike Senczyszak Sebastian and the Sewer Serpent by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 2399 words Read a sample
Sebastian was bullied at school, until he met an unusual new friend. A not-so-typical children's story. Dark humor.
The Cairngorm Faeries by David Blair The Cairngorm Faeries by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 10313 words Sample 20%
High in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland live a group of naughty and mischievous faeries. They are like the faeries found at the bottom of your garden, except they have crazy hair, a terrible sense of fashion, and they have to watch out for hungry mountain monsters. If you ever visit the mountains, look out for tiny doorways hidden on the hillsides. You may be lucky and spot a faerie or two.
What Rex Sees: Part 1 by Krista Belk What Rex Sees: Part 1 by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 847 words Read a sample
Rex and Callie, the alley's animals, are just discovering a new adventure together. Little do they know what awaits.
Butter at Christmas by C. Pickle Butter at Christmas by Dec. 13, 2017 $0.99 713 words Sample 10%
Written in poetic verse for children ages 2-6. "Butter at Christmas" is a Christmas "Tail" that explains to readers how Butter the Basset is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. This is a picture book in full color and large print for easy reading. Children will love and relate to the adorable story and Butter's thoughts on the subject of Christmas.
The True Adventures of Joey and Rocky: Book 2, The Long Road Home by Ben Nemer The True Adventures of Joey and Rocky: Book 2, The Long Road Home by Dec. 13, 2017 $0.99 27060 words Sample 20%
Follow along in the adventures of Joey the brother and Rocky the sister as they venture out into the scary and unknown world away from their safe and secure home.
Patri and the seagulls by Aurea-Vicenta Gonzalez Patri and the seagulls by Dec. 13, 2017 Free! 1343 words Read a sample
Patri, the girl we already know from the story entitled "Patri and the sparrows", is discharged by the hospital doctors and trip to the Mediterranean, you will see what happens there.
Sarah, Furry-Purple & Friends. The Moon Adventure. by Pennie Mae Cartawick Sarah, Furry-Purple & Friends. The Moon Adventure. by Dec. 13, 2017 $0.99 80 words
Sarah, has a special gift. She could dream about anything she wanted at night. Her adventures begin when she encounters three very different creatures.
Retold Fairy Tales (Poveşti repovestite) by Nicolae Sfetcu Retold Fairy Tales (Poveşti repovestite) by Dec. 12, 2017 $3.99 24787 words
Bilingual English/Romanian Book (Carte bilingvă engleză/română)
The Last Dragonkeeper by Mark Hughes The Last Dragonkeeper by Dec. 12, 2017 $5.99 71799 words
How do you skin a live dragon? The notes had a simple plan. Good. The scale was as expected. Vast. The list of ingredients needed? Bizarre. Malik, the Dragonkeeper, had mastered the math, solved his supply problems and ignored the doubters. Now, after five years of planning, the day before the most dangerous job he would ever do in his life, the most important item he needed was still missing.
Patri y las gaviotas by Aurea-Vicenta Gonzalez Patri y las gaviotas by Dec. 12, 2017 Free! 1309 words Read a sample
"Patri y las gaviotas" es un cuento breve en el que además de un poquito de lectura podemos ampliar vocabulario y saber de algún que otro asunto.
A Day Yet To Come by JT Adeline A Day Yet To Come by Dec. 12, 2017 $4.99 59642 words
Rove, Roam and Rune Gustavo are back with their girls at their sides in the third and final book of the Dark as Night Trilogy; A Day Yet to Come. Powers surge, enemies switch sides and one is sworn to secrecy to save another. Can the brothers unite with the destined Sisters of the Realm and beat back the worst evil imaginable and restore magic, or will evil take over and rule the Enchanted Realm
The Stronghold by Sebastian Bendix The Stronghold by Dec. 12, 2017 $4.99 102190 words
18-year-old Bowie is the envy of his peers; the sharpest eye with a rifle, deadly as a viper in hand-to-hand combat, and set to marry the prettiest girl around. That all changes when a plane crashes into the island. Its sole survivor is Alexis, an exotic young woman who looks nothing like the fair-skinned people back at the Fort. Bowie brings her back to the stronghold, throwing the fearful commun
Secret Agent Disco Dancer: You Don't Know Jack by Scott Gordon Secret Agent Disco Dancer: You Don't Know Jack by Dec. 11, 2017 $1.99 8624 words
One autumn day, Miranda Frillyfoam hops onto a bus headed for her new school, Bay Lake Elementary. Right off the bat, the children call her a monster and run away screaming. At least she's not alone, and when a new substitute teacher shows up on her first day of class, things really get crazy. Approximately 6,700 words, 14 images and Spartan frog mayhem.
The Popcorn Tree by Catherine Green The Popcorn Tree by Dec. 11, 2017 $5.99 2226 words
Imagine you are five years old, and when you wake up in the morning, all of your family is gone. This is what happens to Claire. What takes place next turns into an adventure. Making new friends can be frightening, but her new friend makes it so easy. Together they run and play. Before they know it the day is almost over.
Bobby The Blackbird - Bobby's New Neighbour by A. J. Junamb Bobby The Blackbird - Bobby's New Neighbour by Dec. 11, 2017 $0.99 997 words Sample 20%
This is part of the |Bobby the Blackbird series. In this book, Bobby helps Jamie, his new neighbour to find his way home
How To Buff Your Buffalo by Gavin Kukard How To Buff Your Buffalo by Dec. 10, 2017 Free! 1447 words
Everyone owns a buffalo, right? Okay, so you need to wash the animal every now and then, and this book explains to children how to wash, polish, scrub and buff, their dirty buffalo. Along with the quirky instructions, come the frustrations and tribulations one could imagine in attempting such an absurd task. In the end success prevails, only to result in a (once more) dirty buffalo.
Brainy Bird: Exercise Master by Scott Gordon Brainy Bird: Exercise Master by Dec. 10, 2017 $0.99 1052 words
It's time to get off the couch and have some fun! Leave your cell phones behind and get outside. There's nothing better than playing sports with your friends. Live life, feel great, and you'll be a winner every time! Over 30 fun-filled pages. Appropriate for all ages, children 3-6 in particular.
Emma & her Frog by Sophia Michelle Emma & her Frog by Dec. 09, 2017 $0.99 1702 words
Princess Emma is in need of a friend. Gets more than she had anticipated. Happy about the results though.
Hello, Mommy ~ Forgiveness is the Only Answer by Olya Amanova Hello, Mommy ~ Forgiveness is the Only Answer by Dec. 09, 2017 Free! 2669 words Read a sample
A test in a life exam can be too hard to complete. The reward may seem vague and almost unreal. But at the end the one who can forgive will get the highest mark. 
My Friend ~ In Friendship We Share Good and Bad by Olya Amanova My Friend ~ In Friendship We Share Good and Bad by Dec. 09, 2017 Free! 4227 words Read a sample
He who suffered the most and had no choice but to leave too early was the strongest of us all. He shared his brave smile in the harshest moments of pain making pity impossible and admirations the only response.
Stupid Dog: The Adventures of Diggz & Wrrrussell by Mary Harris, Creative Consultant & Donna Harris Stupid Dog: The Adventures of Diggz & Wrrrussell by
& Dec. 09, 2017
$5.99 3390 words
On the day Diggz and his boy take Wrrrussel to the dog park, they think they’ll have fun. Instead, they run into bully trouble! But when Diggz and Wrrrussel discover a clue about their bully, LD John, they do something special that helps change things for all of the dogs in the dog park.
THE SECRET - Book 1: Mind Magic: (Diary Book for Girls Aged 9-12) by Katrina Kahler THE SECRET - Book 1: Mind Magic: (Diary Book for Girls Aged 9-12) by Dec. 08, 2017 Free! 18948 words Read a sample
When 12 year old Tess moves to a new neighborhood, she tries to befriend the boy who lives next door, a boy of the same age, named Sam. Tess doesn't know that Sam has a special power, one that he must keep secret at all costs.
Die Prinzessin mit dem Bart by Martin Auer Die Prinzessin mit dem Bart by Dec. 08, 2017 $5.00 3588 words Sample 20%
Ein richtiger Prinz kann nicht nur fechten und Bogenschießen. Er kann auch schwierige Probleme lösen und Menschen helfen, besser miteinander auszukommen. Und er kann auch einen Prinzen lieben. Und eine Prinzessin mit Bart kann Prinzen- und Prinzessinnendinge tun. Die Geschichte vom Prinzen Adelmut, der sich in Prinzessin Adelmute verwandelt, um sein Recht auf Liebe durchzusetzen.
Horando - Going Home by Steve Costello Horando - Going Home by Dec. 08, 2017 $3.00 72899 words Sample 20%
A fast-paced action and adventure for 8 to 12 year olds from the start with no pauses to catch breath during this story told in a classic style.
Death and the Atom Bomb by R.A. Gregory Death and the Atom Bomb by Dec. 08, 2017 $2.99 33461 words Sample 20%
Prepare to be amazed and delighted as Johnny, Eddie and a host of new characters battle once more to save the world, this time from the evil clutches of the mysterious and reclusive Malthus Devryn and his slimy henchman, Sneeds. 'Death and the Atom Bomb' continues the gripping adventures of Johnny Jenkinson and forms part two of the DATS trilogy.
Death and the Schoolboy by R.A. Gregory Death and the Schoolboy by Dec. 07, 2017 $2.99 20432 words Sample 20%
Join schoolboy Johnny and Eddie, the Death of Children, as they journey through Deathville in a desperate race against time to save the world from evil Uncle Lucius. An enchanting short story, suitable for readers of all ages. 'Death and the Schoolboy' is part one of the DATS trilogy.
Stories for Success -Teaching Kids Life Skills through Stories by Jyoti Hegde Stories for Success -Teaching Kids Life Skills through Stories by Dec. 07, 2017 Free! 5580 words Sample 50%
Do this, don't do that and the chorus never ends... Isn't it irritating to be continuously corrected and advised? As most of us like listening to stories why not use stories to teach kids? This book contains original stories that can be used by parents and teachers to teach kids good habits and life skills.
A Christmas Corral - An Illustrated Adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for All Ages by Lucas Antoniak A Christmas Corral - An Illustrated Adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for All Ages by Dec. 07, 2017 $1.99 942 words
Ebaaaneezer Scrooge was a tight-fisted, unfeeling old sheep. After a warning from his old stall mate Jacob Marley's Goat, will a visit by the Ghosts of Chickens Past, Present, and Yet-To-Hatch convince him to change his ways? Featuring more than 30 original full-color illustrations. Sample pages can be viewed here: http://bit.do/ACCsample
The Water Balloon Fight by Tamar Bobokhidze The Water Balloon Fight by Dec. 06, 2017 $2.99 79 words
In this brilliant third book in the My Teacher Hilda series, the fun picks up right after the second book, A Picnic Day. Ms. Hilda's children are in for an adventure when they go outside for activities, but not everything is bound to run smoothly...
The Irish Wizard by Avril Sabine The Irish Wizard by Dec. 06, 2017 $1.99 24882 words
Genre: Children's Urban Fantasy (9+ years). Word Count: 24014 Thirteen-year-old Hailey spends far too much time following her older brother, Lachlan, into trouble. When her entire world changes she thinks at first it's something Lachlan has caused. But surely magic is beyond him, even though he's always wanted to be a wizard.
The Hockey Game Will Bring Me Fame by Debsy Girard The Hockey Game Will Bring Me Fame by Dec. 05, 2017 $0.99 1116 words Sample 20%
Jenny wants to play hockey on the male team. She conquers all obstacles and proves she's more than a pretty face.
Otter Tales by Michelle Rutledge & Shanna Williams Otter Tales by
& Dec. 05, 2017
$2.99 16128 words
Ride along for some otter good fun! From the worlds of fantasy and science fiction to kids fighting real life battles, you’ll speed along from one adventure to the next. Written by youth, these stories will amaze you with their creativity, thoughtfulness, and delightful spirit. Journey in search of dragons. Fight along superheroes. And face the bullies head on!
The Midnight Farm Adventure by Chris Wright The Midnight Farm Adventure by Dec. 04, 2017 Free! 41455 words Read a sample
What is hidden in the old spoil tip by the disused Midnight Mine? Two men have permission to dig there, but they don't want anyone watching -- especially not Jessica and James, the Two Jays. And where is Granfer Joe's old tin box, full of what he called his treasure? The Easter holiday at Midnight Farm in Cornwall isn't as peaceful as James's parents planned.
Make a Wish by Gita V.Reddy Make a Wish by Dec. 03, 2017 $0.99 7818 words Sample 20%
The fairy grants Niki a wish. But Niki doesn't know what she wants.
Arnie's Prize-Winning Prank by Claire Horowitz Arnie's Prize-Winning Prank by Dec. 03, 2017 $2.99 38133 words Sample 20%
After sixth-grader Arnie Waxman ends up snagged by his underwear, dangling from The Wall of Doom, everything he does to restore his reputation backfires. He is left friendless, in the principal's office, and the target of the class bully. Arnie hatches a bold plan, one that could either end in triumph or misery, but it's his only hope of finishing sixth grade with an ounce of dignity.
Pretty Soon by Leanne Halling Pretty Soon by Dec. 02, 2017 You set the price! 860 words Sample 20%
Excitement soon turns to sadness when it's time to say goodbye to mommy for a little while. Luckily Teacher knows just what is needed to help Ava feel excited again about being at preschool with her friends. There are many fun things to do and learn until Mommy comes back and Teacher helps Ava discover just what those exciting things are.
The Perils of Perigrine by Derek Goddard-Nickolls, Sr The Perils of Perigrine by Dec. 02, 2017 $4.99 18002 words Sample 20%
Number One in the series of Peri the Sea Dragon from author Derek Goddard-Nickolls who, with Peri, will delight children for years to come. Peri the lovable Sea Dragon is captured and shrunk into a painting by a nasty Wizard. His adventures start when he escapes from the painting and with the help of friendly creatures and characters escapes from scrape after scrape to finally return home.
Melvin the Spelve Saves Christmas by Christine Watkins Melvin the Spelve Saves Christmas by Dec. 01, 2017 $2.99 4544 words Sample 10%
Melvin was a special kind of spider. His learning abilities were nothing like the other spiders. He couldn't get web designs just right in web school. He tried hard to learn the ways of others, but instead taught the others how his way of learning would save their way of life, when he came up with the master plan to save Christmas.
The Forgotten (Doggie Heroes book 4) by Rita Hestand The Forgotten (Doggie Heroes book 4) by Dec. 01, 2017 $0.99 3696 words Sample 20%
Penny the Irish Setter pup,meets Charlie when she's abandoned. Charlie isn't like other people Penny has known, he can't walk. But he's a lot of fun. He sits in some kind of chair and lives in a big building. The two become friends and Charlie takes care of Penny. Until one day when Charlie gets hurt. Penny rushes to find her dog friend Tanker. Tanker would know what to do.
King Brown by janet white King Brown by Nov. 30, 2017 $0.99 451 words Sample 20%
A fun, fully illustrated, tale written in rhyming verse. Set in outback Australia, King Brown is about a snake searching for a home, 'fit for a king'. A terrifying encounter with a mob of cattle leads to his discovery of what is truly important in life... his friends. With language and illustrations as colorful as the area it is set in, King Brown is a great story to share with the young child.
The Adventures of Christopher Webtoe Volume 4:  The Absent Acorn by Randy Sultzer The Adventures of Christopher Webtoe Volume 4: The Absent Acorn by Nov. 30, 2017 You set the price! 912 words Sample 15%
It is getting close to winter and Christmas, but do you think that will stop Christopher Webtoe, the young frog, from finding a way to have fun? Of course not! But, he better be careful, because their may be more important things to do besides having fun. Will Christopher make the right decision? Read on to find out in this perfect story for a cozy holiday story time treat.
Christmas Tales 2 by Storm Cloud Publishing Christmas Tales 2 by Nov. 30, 2017 Free! 14104 words Read a sample
A Christmas themed collection of short stories for kids 8-12. There's fun and adventure, pets and friends - new and old - and trips into the past and to the North Pole. Stories, rhyme and rap to get you into the mood for Christmas from writers all over the world.
Contes d'Andersen illustrés par Bertall by J.S. Andersen Contes d'Andersen illustrés par Bertall by Nov. 30, 2017 $0.99 58507 words Sample 20%
The Dragon's Secret: Book 1 of The Dragon's Breath Series by Dale Craig The Dragon's Secret: Book 1 of The Dragon's Breath Series by Nov. 29, 2017 $0.99 10526 words
The Dragon’s Breath Trilogy is an action packed adventure series that I wrote for my three children. Its central theme focuses on the impact of divorce on children’s lives and how they cope with the emotional turmoil, transitions, trials and tribulations of living between two houses with separated parents and the introduction of extended families and other parental partners.
Tic Tac and the Raven by Luthie M West Tic Tac and the Raven by Nov. 29, 2017 $2.99 3340 words Sample 30%
When a huge black raven is in his pathway, Tic Tac's imagination gets the better of him. When the same bird is in the same place the next day, he discovers that things are not always as they seem. How does Tic Tac the mouse overcome his fear of Quince the raven and make a friend in the process? An enjoyable bedtime story for preschoolers with 18 color images and a new story excerpt at the end.
Julio y el Laberinto Mágico by Rocio Silviana Correa Quiroz Julio y el Laberinto Mágico by Nov. 29, 2017 $1.99 12805 words Sample 5%
Julio aprenderá el valor de la amistad mientras recorre un lugar lleno de secretos. Cada puerta que abra será un nuevo desafío para él y sus nuevos amigos. Pero, ¿saldrá del laberinto y se reencontrará con su familia? ¿o será devorado por el temible monstruo que habita en el laberinto?
Laila's Magic Brush by Luthie M West Laila's Magic Brush by Nov. 29, 2017 $2.99 2173 words Sample 30%
Laila accidentally removes color from the outside world with her magic paintbrush when collecting color for her house. Can she return it without making her house gray again? Laila's Magic Brush is all about color with 23 illustrations and an easy to understand description of primary and secondary colors for preschoolers. It is delightful reading for share time or bedtime.
Twelfth Night Ted by Kathryn Allen Twelfth Night Ted by Nov. 29, 2017 $1.30 1404 words Sample 20%
Twelfth Night Ted is hoping for a new family before the twelve days of Christmas are over and everything is put away.
In lumea copilariei by Iulia Dora Covaliu In lumea copilariei by Nov. 29, 2017 $4.90 12661 words Sample 20%
Cartea “In lumea copilariei” contine doua povesti despre cei mai buni prieteni ai copiilor: cainii, respectiv Mos Craciun. Cu totii sunt prezenti in inimile lor, bucurandu-le viata si facandu-i sa traiasca multe clipe magice prin emotia pe care o transmit.